7 Fun Gambling Games for Chinese New Year


The Chinese culture has undoubtedly impacted the world in many ways. One aspect that has always been influenced by China concerns games. Some sources even say that gambling was, in fact, invented in the Asian country. However, what we know for sure is that myriad interactive games found their home in and around Hong Kong.

In this blog post, we look back at a huge tradition which is Chinese New Year. And to commemorate the dual nature of the number 7, we’re discussing the best seven gambling games to play in celebration of the Chinese New Year

1. Chinese Poker

If poker is too difficult for you, consider playing its Chinese sibling. To play Chinese Poker, you only need to know the basics of the card game. Firstly, get familiar with the most frequent hand rankings.

The main difference between the Asian version of the card game is the enhanced effect of luck. Chinese Poker relies on chance much more than its western counterpart. And that’s exactly why beginners can easily master this variant.

As such, Chinese Poker is considerably simpler and suitable for novices. It’s somewhat similar to Pai Gow, so have a head-start if you’ve played that one. So, if you’re looking to become a poker pro this Chinese New Year, you know where to start!

2. Si Ki Pi

Another popular Asian table game found in land-based casinos is Si Ki Pi. To an untrained eye, the table game might appear like an amalgamation of Pai Gow and baccarat. Whilst baccarat and its derivative Dragon Tiger are also great suggestions for Chinese New Year, Si Ki Pi could be the next big thing.

Significantly less popular than most casino games, Si Ki Pi is found in selected brick-and-mortar gambling venues. You would need to read into the rules of the title to mark the uniqueness of the game. It consists of the main bets as well as a side one called the Bonus Bet.

The advantage of the house is similar to one found in standard card games and is usually lower than 3%.

3. Sic Bo

Sic Bo, tai sai, or big small, is a game of chance playable with three dice. Once popular exclusively in China, it is now found in online casinos and physical venues worldwide. Even American players have grown to love Sic Bo, due to its simplicity and relaxed atmosphere.

If you play online Sic Bo, you’ll notice that rounds go by pretty quickly. In some cases, a round of sic bo may last only up to 20 seconds. In RNG-powered variations found in virtual casinos, the dice are shaken or tumbled by random generators. Even in Live Sic Bo, bettors can expect completely fair results after each tumble

The perks of Sic Bo are straight-forward rules and high payouts. Namely, placing the big bet successfully results in 1:1 odds with a house edge as low as 2.78%. The probability of winning stands at 48.61%, which is considered player-friendly. Additionally, dice combination bets can pay out up to 60 to 1.

4. Fan Tan

Speaking of easy games for Chinese New Year, we could not skip Fan Tan.

Similar to what you could see on the streets, Live Fantan features the dealer handling a bunch of buttons. He or she gathers a bunch of buttons into a transparent container. Then, the dealer traditionally takes a bamboo stick and starts separating buttons into rows. Each row has the same number of buttons. Essentially, players try to guess how many buttons will remain unaligned after all the lines have been completed. Between rounds, you have around 30 seconds to place your bet. The best Live Fantan was produced by SA Gaming, a local iGaming company.

5. Asian Online Slots

Another interesting gambling concept that will never die is online slots. And Asian online slots are perhaps the most thrilling genre of the game.

It’s no secret that online casinos largely draw inspiration from the Far East and the Orient. In turn, hundreds of Asia-inspired slots roam the internet, waiting for you to play them. Video slots are a popular way of spending the Chinese New Year authentically.

For example, Caishen is one of the most frequent high-paying symbols in slots online. He and his realm seem to be mesmerizing to slot lovers. Similarly, software developers explore the likes of Chinese animals, mythology, dragons, and more.

6. Lucky 7

It’s Chinese New Year but you want to gamble on a non-Chinese game? No worries, we’ve got the perfect alternative. As we’re in the online gambling circles right now, we’re adding another modern classic. Lucky 7 is a live dealer game from Ezugi with extremely simple rules and easy to win.

Lucky 7 is visually and substantially Indian. Taking place in Ezugi’s Indian casino studio, Lucky 7 takes place in a traditional venue with golden and red ornaments. Also, the dealers always wear traditional clothes to reinforce the ambiance.

Regarding the rules and strategy, Lucky 7 requires no skill whatsoever. You just need to try and guess what hand out of the four will win. Playable with 8 decks of cards, Lucky 7 has an optimal RTP of 96.92% on odd bets.

7. Blackjack

Lastly, we’re taking a look at our western gambling friends. Blackjack, in its today’s form, originates from the United States. However, there were similar variations before the modern one in France and Spain.

Blackjack is a desirable casino game with the biggest probability of winnings if you play by the book. If you’re new, learn about the basic strategy, and perfect it.

After that, use it in demo blackjack to see that it actually works. Online blackjack allows such luxury, but in in-person blackjack, players can count cards. Card counting is an effective way to play blackjack but requires years of practice.

And if you’re spending this New Year’s Eve watching 21 directed by Robert Luketic, don’t be misled. Counting cards is not reserved for geniuses and math-savvy people only. Everyone can do it if they want it hard enough.