Top 5 Online Banking Options


When gambling online, there’s no way around banking. To be able to cash out your winnings, you need to invest real money. With that in mind, you must pick casino payment options.

To make your lives easier, we’ve listed online casino withdrawal methods, as well as those for deposits. Additionally, we featured the most popular online payment methods by country. In turn, players from Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia will find the best online payment methods.

1. MasterCard

MasterCard is one of those casino deposit methods available for payouts, too. As such, it is ideal for players who like to use the same payment solution both ways. Additionally, another reason to use the credit card is reliability. MasterCard is a brand that has been around since 1966, making it one of the longest-standing payment service providers.

Another huge perk involves usability and accessibility. This card is factually available in around 95% of all casinos online. Generally, it is only Bitcoin casinos that don’t always accept the conventional payment method.

2. Bank Wire Transfer

Bank wire transfers are traditional online casino payment options still available to date. While e-wallets are increasingly taking over, high-rollers typically still choose bank transfers. Namely, this solution allows huge and even limitless withdrawals, which is perfect for high-stake bettors. In some cases, operators allow unlimited cashouts in bank transfers.

The only drawback of this payment method concerns speed. Bank wire is the slowest to process withdrawals, taking up to a week in most cases. So, if you’re the impatient type with no time to waste, we recommend checking out the remainder of this list.

3. PayPal

We think it’s not necessary to discuss PayPal at length. This casino payment option needs no introduction, especially among online gamblers. The main reason why everyone should use this modern payment solution has to do with anonymity. Namely, this payment system relies on efficient protocols that protect the users’ identities. Unlike debit cards, you need not share any personal data with the casino. Instead, the customer creates a free account and links it to the casino one.

Later, upon every transfer, the player simply confirms the payment method. That’s all there is to gambling with PayPal.

4. LINE Pay

But, there will always be curious cats interested in online payment methods like PayPal. Line Pay is one such solution. Line Pay works in the same way as its Californian predecessor. However, this electronic wallet targets Southeast Asian players. Line Pay was developed with countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia in mind. Therefore, if you come from any of these countries, you might prefer Line Pay to PayPal.

The only downfall of LinePay tackles accessibility. It appears that not many operators are Line Pay merchants. Consequently, casinos accepting Line Pay are not as numerous as those with other e-wallets. Nevertheless, those that support this payment method are a great call.

5. Bitcoin

Last but not least, we’d like to suggest Bitcoin as one of the best online casino withdrawal methods. Usable for transactions both ways, Bitcoin is an increasingly popular banking option for gamblers online. Cryptocurrencies in general, including Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, and others, are also extremely widespread and common in iGaming communities.

The pros of using crypto in casinos concern anonymity, speed, and efficiency. As decentralised methods, cryptos do not rely on banks or ledgers whatsoever. Statistics show that most bettors prefer these traits.

How Do I Deposit at a Casino?

Let’s hope it’s easier to determine what to use for online gambling, banking-wise. If you’ve picked your favourite, let us know in the comment section. And now, let’s learn how to deposit at online casinos:

  1. Create your free online casino account.
  2. Log in.
  3. If applicable, claim the no deposit welcome bonus.
  4. Open your profile page.
  5. Head to the Cashier section.
  6. Load the Deposit tab.
  7. Select your default casino deposit method.
  8. Insert relevant details (bank account number, CCV, etc.)
  9. Enter how much you want to deposit.
  10. Confirm the transaction request.

That’s how to deal with banking when gambling online. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask us anytime.

Also, join us for more blog posts and gambling-related articles in the future!