Introduction to Playing Sicbo

Sicbo is an entertaining casino game that you will see in many online casinos. Only three dice are required to play this game, and the winner is the one who guesses the total successfully. It is a simple dice game that has garnered favor with many players because winning here is down to pure luck. But this in no way means that you can get away with being reckless when playing Sicbo. Before you get started, you need to read this online Sicbo review. It will teach you the ins and outs of this game in order to give you the best start possible.

How to Play Sicbo

Sicbo is a lesser-known game in some circles but it is popular in many card rooms in Asia. This is why you will find it featured frequently in manyonline casinos in Thailand . Players are drawn to this game because of its simple nature, which makes it ideal for even new players. Sicbo is also a pure chance game that is devoid of any strategies. You will also find it bears a strong resemblance to craps, so if you have played that game before, you will not struggle to find your way around Sicbo.

The name Sicbo gives little away, so you cannot guess what this game is about. But it is played using three dice. These are usually placed in a chest or container of some form. The aim of the game is to guess the outcome when these dice are chucked out of the container. There is nothing more to it. All you need is make your prediction, the dealer is in charge of shaking the chest/container. In our opinion, this is one of the easiest casino games you will find online. It is perfect for new players, but there are other aspects that will help in this game; like knowing how to place bets.

Most Important Bet Types in Sicbo

Sicbo is as basic as an online gambling game can get, but you need to master the different bet types if you are going to enjoy it. Variants in Sicbo feature different numbers of bets, but there are some which you can use to form the foundation of your knowledge. Over 20 bet types are at your disposal in online casinos, but we have highlighted only the most common ones here.

Big and Small

If you just finding your feet in online casinos, starting with a game like Sicbo is a wise move. But not all the betting options in the game are newbie-friendly. The safest bets you can make here are the big and small bets. What you are basically betting on in these is if the total lands between 11 to 17 for big and 4-10 in the small bet. These bets do not include triples like three 2s. Those have a different betting option. The payout in big and small bets is 1:1 and they carry a house edge of 2.78%.

Total Bets

In Sicbo, you can also bet on specific totals. These include options like 10 and 11, 9 and 12, or 5 and 16. There are numerous options in this category, but they need to be made with caution. These types of bets payout anything from 6:1 to even as much as 62:1. You need to understand that higher odds also mean that the chances of landing that bet are also highly unlikely.

Double and Triple

Double and triple bets are other exciting choices that continue to capture the imagination of Thai players. This is particularly true for the triple bet which has the potential to payout in jackpot proportions. It is not uncommon to find a casino offering payouts as high as 190:1 for the triple bet.

The table below shows some more bet types you can make in Sicbo.

Big 11-17 except triples 48.61% 01:01 2.78%
Small 4-10 except triples 48.61% 01:01 2.78%
Odd Total odd except for triples 48.61% 01:01 2.78%
Even Total even except for triples 48.61% 01:01 2.78%
Alls Specific number on all 3 dice 0.46% 180:01:00 16.20%
Doubles Specific number on at least 2 dice 7.41% 10:01 18.50%
Any Triple Any Triple 2.80% 30:01:00 13.90%
Total Various totals 1.4% to 12.5% 6:1 to 60:1 7.4% to 15.3%
Combinations Specific combinations on at least 2 dice 13.90% 06:01 2.80%
Single Dice Bet Specific number on 1, or 2, or 3 dice 0.46% to 34.72% 1:1 to 3:1 7.90%
Four Number Combination Any 3 entries in the specific 4-number combinations 11.10% 7 to 1 11.10%
3 Single Numbers Specific 3-number combinations 2.80% 30:01:00 13.90%
Specific Double + 3rd Specific double on 2 cards and on 3rd card 1.40% 50:01:00 29.20%


Understanding Sicbo Variants

There are many variants associated with Sicbo. The awesome part is you will find most of these in Thailand online gambling platforms. A broad range of options is always good to have when it comes to casino games. It means you will not struggle to find a game that matches you risk tolerance, and overall gameplay requirements.

Grand Hazard

Like other forms of Sicbo, Grand Hazard is also played using three dice. This is the version of Sicbo that most players are familiar with, and as such, it commands a respectable following. Grand Hazard Sicbo is an entertaining variant with an interesting setup that ensures fairness and transparency in gameplay. To kick-off the game, three dice are rolled down a chute or from a container making sure they tumble to a random stop.


This is an American spin-off of Sicbo with its origins firmly set in Grand Hazard. Some players also refer to Chuck-a-Luck as bird cage, among many other aliases. Bird cage came about as a direct reference to the way the game is played. Instead of a cup or chute, the dice in Chuck-a-Luck are kept is a wireframe structure that resembles a bird cage. This variant also features some twists in wagering options.

Hoo Hee How

Hoo Hee How is not as common as Grand Hazard, but there are many places where you can enjoy it. Even though it commands an inferior following, we felt Hoo Hee How deserves special mention because of how innovative it is. This game replaces the numbers on the dice with picture symbols. So instead of 1 through 6, here you will see scorpions, fish, crabs, and roosters, among others.

Best Casinos to Play Sicbo

Sicbo is by no means a mainstream casino game. It does not enjoy the same superstar status as some games in the lobby likeRouletteor Blackjack. So, finding online casinos that host quality Sicbo titles may be a chore. But there are many such platforms, you just need to know where to look.

There aremany reviews listed on this website. Here, our casino review professionals have turned these online gaming platforms inside out and revealed what makes them tick. So, a good place to start your search is on our site. All the casinos that offer Sicbo are available.

We have looked at various aspects of these sites. Apart from the games, we have also looked at the bonuses, payment options, and a lot more.

Sicbo Game Software Manufacturers

There can never be casinos and no game software manufacturers. This fact is almost always overlooked when game guides like this one are being prepared, but not this time. Game software providers are responsible for designing and making the actual casino games. As you see, their role is critical and their importance cannot be over-emphasized.

Sicbo has many variants and equally as many providers. Some of the most popular names when it comes to Sicbo games include Net Entertainment, Playtech, and Microgaming. These companies have wowed fans with their many virtual Sicbo titles. But, Sicbo is also available in a live variant. Here too, there are some suppliers who have managed to consistently produce quality Sicbo titles. You will always find these games wherever there is a live games lobby. The number of live Sicbo providers is less than that of virtual, as expected. But you will not be starved of action. Popular live Sicbo manufacturers include Evolution Gaming and Playtech.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which strategy is best in Sicbo?

Sicbo is a pure chance game so there is no strategy to speak of. The best you can do is manage your bets and implement proper risk management.

2. What are my chances of winning when I play Sicbo?

Your odds of winning in Sicbo vary. These are dependent on the bet that you place.

3. Can I play live Sicbo online?

Yes, there are many casinos where live Sicbo is available online. Here you will be playing against real dealers.

4. Is Sicbo available in online Thailand casinos?

Yes, there are many Sicbo titles here. You can check out some of the sites we have reviewed to get started.