Online Fan Tan

Introduction to Playing Fan Tan

Fan Tan is one of those games which you either know and love or have never heard about before. If your condition is the latter, then keep reading, we plan on changing that in this guide. This game uses white buttons or beads. The aim in Fan Tan is to predict the number of buttons left in the last allotment if all others have been grouped into fours.

With its roots fabled to be in China, this game is most popular in Asian gambling joints. But with the global economy and Chinese players virtually covering every inch of the globe, Fan Tan is making headway in non-traditional jurisdictions. So, there is no better time for you to learn as much as you can about this trending online casino game.

How to Play Fan Tan

Playing Fan Tan is a unique experience, there are not many other games like it. Some sources have been noted as saying Fan Tan has elements of roulette; we guess we all experience the gameplay differently. But what we can say about that is don’t go into it hoping to see a big wheel or anything of that nature.

The croupier is in charge when you are playing Fan Tan. Apart from placing the bet, there is little else, if anything, that you need to do. There are many betting options in this game. You will need to get a grasp of these if you are to get the full experience. If you are not familiar with these yet, there is no need to fret. We will go through betting options in the sections that follow.

The round in Fan Tan starts when the croupier shakes a large batch of buttons in a see-through container. A portion of these is collected in a separate bowl and these will be used to play the game. All players at the table then get 30 seconds to wager at this point. The croupier then counts the buttons that were separated from the container and groups them into 4s. The winning hand is determined by the last batch. Obviously, this can only result in options 1 through 4 inclusive.

Why Play Online Fan Tan in Thailand

Online gaming has revolutionized gambling. Players are flocking to this mode of play because of its numerous advantages. This fits in well with a small game like Fan Tan, which is generally hard to get even in the best casinos.

In this section, we have highlighted some common reasons Thai players are opting for online gaming and why you might want to do the same.

Online play makes Fan Tan broadly available

Let’s face it, Fan Tan is not an easy game to come by. There are seasoned casino game players who have never heard of this game. The fact that gambling is outlawed in Thailand doesn't help things. There is nowhere you can enjoy a game of Fan Tan with your friends. This is when online gaming becomes more vital. You don't need costly infrastructure, and online betting is a grey area when it comes to local legislation.

Unmatched convenience

It is so much more convenient when you gamble online. It does not matter whether it's on your phone or at home on your PC. You'll be able to experience levels of convenience you can only dream of elsewhere. Just consider what you need to go through to find walk-in establishments which carry this game. It's not an easy task.


It's no secret that the best bonuses are featured online. The best online casinos offer welcome bonuses to players in return for signing up. Online bonuses are not just superior, but even the quality of the available promotions is not comparable to what you'd find elsewhere. There are numerous promotions and bonuses you can take advantage of in online casinos. So why play on your own dime when you can use funds from the casino to wager?


Fan Tan Betting Options

Fan Tan has lots of ways you can bet. Examples include Fan, Ar Tan, and Nim, among others. As you will see in this guide, bets in Fan Tan have unique names that, unlike in Sic Bo, give you no indication as to what's being bet on.

This adds another level of complexity, but it's absolutely necessary to learn as it forms the basis of the entire game.

Players can make a total of five basic bets on Fan Tan. These options vary on how many outcomes you are covering and, ultimately, on the expected return. To better understand the betting options and possible outcomes you have in this game, we have included the table below.

FAN Wagers on 1,2,3,4 2.85 0.25 0 0.75
Nim Comprises 2 of the 4 outcomes 1.9 0.25 0.25 0.5
Kwok Counted on 2 of the 4 outcomes. Only wins and losses 0.95 0.5 0 0.5
Nga Tan Counted on 3 out of the 4 outcomes 0.475 0.5 0.25 0.25
Sheh- Sam- Hong 3 out of 4 outcomes 0.31667 0.75 0 0.25

How to Play Fan Tan

Before you start playing Fan Tan, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the betting options and potential outcomes chart above. This will give you a sound basis on which to build the knowledge of this game. Since you have very little to do when playing Fan Tan, mastering how to place bets is essential. Once you've got that down, you need to follow these steps.

Select a casino

Yourchoice of casinois a significant contributor to your overall gaming experience. This decision should not be taken lightly. Consider the various options at your disposal and also make use of the detailed reviews posted on this site. These will teach you what you need to consider when selecting the ideal casino.

Deposit funds

The next step is to deposit real funds into your new account. Even if you claim a bonus, you will need to deposit your own cash when the time comes for wagering. In any case, Fan Tan is not normally applicable to no deposit offers.

Place your bets

Once your account is up and running, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying Fan Tan. Select from the wide range of betting options available and stake your claim.

You need to remember that gambling can quickly spiral out of control if not done properly. So, always keep that in mind as you enjoy Fan Tan in the online casino.

The Best Casinos Offering Fan Tan

Fan Tan is not the most popular game you will find in the online casino. Yes, it has a strong faithful in Asia, and chances are Thailand casinos will always have a variation or two. You need not guess though. Our casino experts have done the hard work for you. They have reviewed hundreds of sites and presented their findings for your benefit.

During these reviews, the areas under investigation were not just the games. Our experts also looked at issues to do with mobile compatibility and even the available payment options.

Fan Tan Game Software Suppliers

There are only a few variations of Fan Tan available in online casinos. It is not like slots, where you find thousands of games featured in one lobby. Fan Tan commands a small following and as such, has received limited interest from software developers.

Some popular game suppliers who have taken the lead in the provision of Fan Tan software include Microgaming. This is a giant company and having a variation from them is a massive endorsement to this game. Microgaming is known for its top-quality games and attention to detail. These ethos have been carried over even into the production of Fan Tan games.

Live Fan Tan is also available. It is produced by the likes of Evolution Gaming and SA Gaming. These companies run professional live game lobbies that are manned by friendly croupiers and support service agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Fan Tan available in Thailand?

Yes, but you will need to play it online. You can play the virtual version of the game through RGN or the live casino version with real dealers.

2. Can I play live Fan Tan for free?

No, there is no free play in the live online lobby, only virtual games can be played for free. These are available in the best casinos offering Fan Tan.

3. Is there a commission on losing bets in Fan Tan?

No, casinos only apply a 5% commission on winning bets in Fan Tan. You won’t need to pay this when you lose.

4. How do I find Fan Tan online casinos?

Start by reading through the casino reviews listed here. Not only will you find information on the available games, but you will also learn of the various bonuses and payment options on these sites.