Online Dragon Tiger

Introduction to Playing Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a very popular casino game in Thailand. This game requires you to select the one with the best hand, between the Dragon and the Tiger. Baccarat enthusiasts will find this game familiar. This is because Dragon Tiger is the dialled-down version of this iconic casino game.

If you do not understand what we are talking about, there's no need to fret. Our online Dragon Tiger guide will teach you all you need to know about this game before you get started.

Understanding Dragon Tiger

There is a common misconception that we see in most players. It seems the popular notion is that just because a game is simple, then there's no need to put in the necessary work to understand it. This is far from the truth and is the first step to a bad gambling experience. In this section, we highlight the vital information you need to help you understand how Dragon Tiger works.

How to play Dragon Tiger

This game is played with 52 card decks. How many you use depends on the variation of Dragon Tiger you are playing. Like Baccarat, in Dragon Tiger, you are not playing against the dealer. You can bet both ways. The game commences when you place a bet on which one is going to get the better hand between the Dragon and the Tiger. The best hand in this game is the highest one, as dictated by the card value rules.

There are cases where the hands-on both sides, that is the Dragon and the Tiger, are equal. This is common in card games. In this instance, you will lose only half your wager, giving you more chances.

Why Players Like Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is popular in Asia. Many players enjoy this game in brick-and-mortar casinos. But as the recent trend seems to imply, Dragon Tiger has found its way into online platforms.

Why is it that Thai players are drawn to this game?

The fast pace

Gambling is hard work. It is only natural that some players feel a flurry of emotions when things heat up. The last thing you need in these circumstances is a drawn-out game. Dragon Tiger rounds have been known to last just 25 seconds. This means the time that you need to focus, and indeed your stress levels, are reduced.

Easy to play and understand

There's not much to Dragon Tiger, this game is straightforward. You will not struggle to get your head around it even if this is your first time playing casino games. It is exactly what you need when you're just starting out in online gambling. Dragon Tiger has simple rules and unsophisticated gameplay.

No strategies

In a game of chance, you do not need any strategies. Success in games like these depends purely on luck. There are no active strategies you can implement to increase your odds of winning. In Dragon Tiger, some players advocate for card counting. But with up to 6 to 8 shuffled decks in the shoe and the emergence of virtual variants, that argument is purely academic.

Using Bonuses in Online Dragon Tiger

One of the best parts about playing online is the many bonuses you get. What's even more exciting is that you can use these in Dragon Tiger. The best casinos have online promotions, especially for new players. You usually get these when you sign up.

Below is a discussion on some of the considerations you need to make when selecting the best Dragon Tiger bonus offers.

Most common bonus offers in Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is not as widespread as slot machine games. While there is a healthy following of Dragon Tiger enthusiasts, the figures you see here are dwarfed by other casino games. This is why it's not common to find online platforms offering no deposit Dragon Tiger bonuses. The best way to get freebies then is to apply the new player deposit match bonus. Almost every casino you find online nowadays offers this one.

Considerations when claiming bonuses

Making up your mind can be tough when you're faced with hundreds of casino welcome bonuses. But not all offers are the same, and you need to pick the one which will give you the maximum advantage. You need to consider not only the size of the bonus but the wagering requirements as well.

Doing this on your own can be a chore. That's why we have provided detailed casino reviews on the best tie casinos offering Dragon Tiger.

Dragon Tiger Bets

Understanding your betting options is essential if you're going to play Dragon Tiger successfully. This will be a breeze if you've played baccarat before. But if you're a total noob, you need to practice until you get a handle on how this game is played.

There are various options on which you can bet in Dragon Tiger. The most common bet is whether the Dragon or the Tiger will get the highest value card. But you can also bet on number ranges (big or small) as you would in baccarat.

Other available options for betting in Dragon Tiger include the tie and the suited tie bets. There are literally dozens of options. These betting options carry varying payouts. Some are more generous than others, but with increased generosity also comes low probability.

The table below shows some betting options you can make in Dragon Tiger and the corresponding payouts you can expect if you win.

Dragon 1 0.46
Tiger 1 0.46
Tie 8 0.075
Suited Tie 50 0.017
Big/Small 1 0.46
Suit 3 023
Two Red 3 0.23
One Red One Black 1 0.46

Online Dragon Tiger - เกมเสือมังกรออนไลน์

Dragon Tiger Software Suppliers

Some players can be a bit confused about where to find Dragon Tiger games in the lobby. These titles are usually featured in the speciality games category. This means even the number of variations of this game available in most online casinos is low.

Virtual Dragon Tiger games

Online versions of Dragon Tiger usually come from suppliers like XPro Gaming and EntwineTech. As can be expected, these games have demo features that allow you to play for fun without putting anything down.

Virtual Dragon Tiger games are also compatible with a wide range of gaming devices. We have also seen recently the involvement of players like Pragmatic Play in this niche.

Dragon Tiger live

The live games lobby is where Dragon Tiger really shines. It still only has a few options, but now these come from big software suppliers like SA Gaming, Evolution Gaming, and Vivo Gaming. These live versions of Dragon Tiger feature high-definition graphics and spectacular audio, transferring the walk-in casino right into your living room.

Selecting the Best Dragon Tiger Casino

Dragon Tiger can be considered a niche game. There are not many providers who supply this game. Worst still, the number of casinos that carry Dragon Tiger cannot be compared to other casino games. So, you need to select the platform to play in wisely. At best, you'll find the casino offering only five Dragon Tiger games.

Our casino professionals have reviewed online gaming sites in Thailand. We know which platform offers what. So, we suggest you go through our reviews to find the best casino offering Dragon Tiger for you. While you are there, we advise you also check out some of the other categories reviewed on this site. This will help you select the best online casino that caters to your needs.

Dragon Tiger Mobile

There are over 3 billion active smartphones on the market today. All these are potential outlets for Dragon Tiger. Casino game manufacturers have responded to this booming trend by providing entertaining apps. You will find these in popular mobile app stores.

Mobile Dragon Tiger is a convenient way to enjoy online casino games. You can play from wherever you are, not just at home. Players also enjoy the same benefits they receive when playing on the PC version of this game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I play Dragon Tiger for free in Thailand?

Yes. There are virtual demo games available in Dragon Tiger. If you want to play live you will need to create a live account.

2. Am I playing against the dealer in Dragon Tiger?

No. You are not playing against the dealer in Dragon Tiger. You can bet on any side you choose.

3. What’s the best Dragon Tiger strategy for online Dragon Tiger?

Since Dragon Tiger is an off-shoot of baccarat some players use card counting technique to increase their odds. This is a skill that takes time to learn and master, so for most, winning will be down to chance.

4. How much should I bet in Dragon Tiger?

There is no right or wrong answer to that question. How much you bet depends on how much you can safely devote to online gambling.