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Live casinos give players the unique opportunity to play against real-life dealers from any place on earth. Authentic live gaming allows bettors to play from home or on the go through their mobile devices. Real dealers deal from casino studios in real-time and are streamed live. In some cases, live games are streamed from actual land-based gambling venues.

On this page, we discuss all aspects of the top live casinos, such as native-speaking croupiers, and live casino games. Thai Casinos is your ultimate guide on live dealer casinos.

The Best Live Casinos & Real Dealer Casino Games

Live casinos are increasingly dominating the online gambling scene. As they offer all that in-person and conventional casinos lack in, live casinos are a full package. Therefore, it’s no wonder that more and more players register at live casinos. Gambling venues with this feature provide a well-rounded experience that feels authentic. Live casinos in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia afford realistic gambling journeys for players all over the world. Therefore, live gaming is getting extremely popular around the globe, spreading across countries on all continents.

Live Dealer Casinos vs Regular Casino Games

Online gambling is one of the best forms of entertainment for adults. Typically, it doesn’t matter what kind of casino games you play as long as you enjoy it. After all, it all comes down to what you prefer to something else. But objectively speaking, live dealer games offer something standard ones do not and never will. Namely, live casinos are equipped according to the latest standards. The physical environment is refurnished according to the player feedback. Therefore, live casinos are more customisable. Additionally, while slots, for example, are incredibly fun to play, there is no actual interaction between the player and the machine. However, as the live gaming realm grew, the industry leaders incorporated online slots in live casinos. Nowadays, Thai players can enjoy live slots from certain software developers.

Let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of both types of online gaming:

Live Dealer vs Regular Casino Games

✔️ Feature interactive and social elements of gambling ✔️ Thousands of games available at any time
✔️ Ability to talk to other players and the dealer via live chat ✔️ Typically broader range of betting limits
✔️ Players can enjoy the visual and auditory stimuli from the studio ✔️ More casino bonuses to choose from
✔️ Punters from all over the world can play simultaneously ❌ Greater likelihood of overspending due to high maximum bet
❌ Still somewhat limited selection of games compared to standard casinos ❌ Less authentic which can result in boredom pretty quickly


Live Casinos by Country

Live dealer casinos are developing faster than any other form of gambling. Progressive and thrilling, live casinos are the present and the future of online gaming. Exactly because it is so widespread does this type of entertainment so easy to access.

Practically anyone of the legal age can play at live casinos if they want. All they need is a stable internet connection and they can sign up in a few minutes. More and more players are recognising the potential and popularity. In turn, a growing number of casino goers opt for live casinos.

As a result, live casinos are more popular than they have ever been. Millions of bettors from all over the world join a live casino every minute. Popularity spread across Southeast Asia, with countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia leading the way. Let’s see how live gambling impacts these Asian countries.

Live Casinos Thailand

Online gambling is not legal in Thailand. All gambling activity in the country is regulated through the Gambling Act 1935. Despite the illegality of it, gambling venues do persist in places like Bangkok. Additionally, the online gambling world in Thailand bustles with life. Most adults in Thailand are online gamblers and love visiting live casinos Thailand. And why wouldn’t they? These operators offer a large number of live dealer games with native-speaking dealers around the clock.

Are live casinos legal in Thailand? This question is of an ambiguous nature. By law, no gambling is legal in the Southeast Asian country. However, the practice has shown that people continue to play at live casinos. Therefore, although forbidden, live casinos successfully operate in Thailand 24/7.

Can you really win money on online casinos? Of course you can. Just make sure to sign up with a licensed and reputable online gaming brand. To help you with that, we at review and rank live casinos daily. Our job is to compare as many operators as possible to deliver the best gaming content to you. Our goal is to provide our readers with information on top-notch casino sites with live games.

In the following lines, find the best live dealer casinos for Thai players.

Here are the best 3 live dealer casinos in Thailand:

Rank Live Casino Thailand Best for Register
Live Casino House Promotions & bonuses Play here
Dafabet High payout limits Play here
HappyLuke Huge live casino lobby Play here



How to Play Live Casino Games

We can all agree that online gambling is exciting. However, live casinos make the playing experience even more enjoyable and fun. The thrill of waiting for the ball to land or to see what cards you’re drawn is unparalleled to playing online slots. Similarly, a live casino real money offers quick and safe payouts via e-wallets, credit/debit cards, and bank transfers alike. The presence of actual people whilst playing adds to the overall realistic gaming experience. Furthermore, there is a live casino app for you to download to play live casino games. Thus, punters are welcome to play live games wherever they go.

How to Play: Simple Guide

Here is how to play live casino games step-by-step:

1. Create a free online casino account. Select a reputable operator from the list of recommended casinos by

2. If applicable, claim the welcome bonus package. Sometimes, players qualify for the bonus after registration. In other cases, a deposit is required to redeem the welcome parcel.

3. After your first deposit, you can start playing live casino games with real money. remember that live dealer titles cannot be played in demo mode, unlike slots and RNG tables.

4. Select your favourite live dealer game. Alternatively, you can browse the live lobby manually and play a random game until you find your favourite.

5. Click or tap on the title and wait for the new window/tab to load. You will be presented with the welcome screen. Read the introductory details before playing!

6. Get familiar with the interface. Place your bet when the round starts. You can select the ‘Autobet’ option and the system will save your bet and place it automatically at the beginning of the next round.

7. You have the option to talk to the dealer through the live chat facility. Please be polite but ask away if you’re unclear on how to play. You can also contact casino customer support for such information.

What Makes a Good Live Casino?

With so many operators offering similar services, inevitably not all of them are the best for you. The top live casinos tick certain boxes that we’re about to discuss. Remember that always there are casino sites worthy of your time and those to avoid at all costs. We at will help you find the most suitable casino for your needs and wishes. Things like security, licensing, and banking variety are some of the most basic ones. But it goes deeper than that.

Check out the following factors that make the best live casinos:

  • Casino Safety & Security
  • Live Casino Game Diversity
  • Native Dealers
  • Fast & Secure Payouts
  • Mobile Usability
  • Live Dealer Bonus Variety

In the following lines, we will explain each of the aspects in more detail.

Casino Safety & Security

Before you share your info with any stranger, be it a person or a website, you should understand its background. What stands at the foundation of every successful online casino is security. To achieve ultimate safety, an online gambling venue needs to ensure certain protection protocols. The most popular SSL encryption system is the 256-bit one, used in live casinos worldwide. When considering a live casino to sign up with, check how safe it is.

Moreover, such info you can read in our live casino reviews here on Also, other things like reputation and player feedback show you how secure a casino is.

Live Casino Game Diversity

Next up, game diversity is almost as important. What use is a safe casino if it offers none of your favourite live dealer games? While deciding what operator to sign up with, you are advised to view the live casino lobby first. Do so by visiting the Live Casino page. Browse through the selection to see if your favourite live games are offered. If they are not, it’s safe to say that the casino is not for you. Fortunately, with so many live casino sites available on the market, odds are you’ll find a solid one that suits your needs.

Native Dealers

Alright, why do people choose live casinos over virtual ones? Well, one of the reasons certainly concerns the people involved. Namely, live games are dealt by actual people, professional croupiers dealing for you in real time. Therefore, the social aspect and the realistic feeling are reinforced in live casinos. In turn, live casinos not only feel real but indeed they are real. Considering that persons on the other side of the camera exist the same way as you make the experience insomuch more appealing. And if those dealers can speak Thai, Malay, or Indonesian improves their stakes. Certainly, real dealers have to speak English fluently or be actual native speakers. Additionally, knowing Thai, Indonesian, or Malay languages is a huge plus.

Fast & Secure Payouts

Moving on, let’s talk about banking in live casinos. Every player needs fast and secure cashouts when gambling online. Licensed casinos take an oath to provide speedy payouts to their users, provided they choose time-efficient payment options like electronic wallets. Moreover, even if you prefer slower banking methods like bank transfers or credit cards, you should be guaranteed security. So, keep your eyes open for the SSL encryption we’ve already talked about. Namely, the Secure Socket Layer protects every monetary transfer at a casino site.

Mobile Usability

Casino players are usually busy people with little time to spare. To make their time count, they prefer gambling on the go. Live casinos compatible with mobile devices are thus crucial in modern gambling. Playing on the move is a top priority for most contemporary bettors. Hence, live casinos need to be optimised for performance on smaller screens and displays. That includes smartphones, tablets, and Mac. What’s more, when developing their products, providers and operators need to be aware of different operating systems. With that in mind, live casinos need to be usable on Apple devices, Android smartphones, and Windows gadgets and desktops alike.

Live Dealer Bonus Variety

Finally, the last step when scrutinising a live casino has to do with live casino bonuses. Many players make the final decision after looking at the casino promotions page. First of all, there should be generous welcome packages for new players.

And to be frank, not all casinos take pride in lavish live casino deals. So, that narrows down the selection for those seeking lucrative casino bonuses. Secondly, ongoing promos and daily deals can also play an important role when choosing live dealer sites. Thai-friendly casinos are aware that their clients like bonuses. Therefore, they make sure to feature a handful of special live casino deals. So, it’s a good call to check out the bonuses page ahead of time aka before registration.

Popular Live Casino Game Types

It’s time for some fun. We’ve covered all that theory; let’s move on to practice now. The most popular live casino game types include both tables and card games. Some of the hot games include Live Dragon Tiger and Live Roulette. What’s more, live games with dice are also quite popular in Southeast Asia. For example, Live Sic Bo not only originates from Asia, but it’s also among the favourite types of live games there. Another traditionally Asian game is Live Fantan, with its unique and interesting rules.

Together, let’s talk about the most played live casino games in Southeast Asia.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is so popular in live casinos because of its extremely low house edge. Namely, if the player applies the perfect basic strategy, the edge can go as low as 0.5%.

In other words, the odds of beating the dealer are the best ones in the casino. So, it’s no wonder that people flock around blackjack tables looking for easy wins. However, Live Blackjack requires skills, patience, and a lot of practice. To be excellent at Live Blackjack, you should set aside to practice the basic strategy to a T. Also, playing RNG-powered blackjack in demo mode can help. Either way, this card game is one of skills, meaning luck has almost no role in it. That’s why only skilful players are great at the famous Twenty-One. Also, it’s interesting that Live Blackjack comes in different variants like the simplified Sette E Mezzo, Spanish Blackjack, and Twenty-One.

Live Roulette

Another extremely popular live dealer game is roulette. Unlike blackjack, Live Roulette is a pure game of chance. That means that no strategy can turn the edge in the player’s favour. Over the centuries, punters have been coming up with various roulette systems to try and bend the statistics. However, the fact is that where the ball lands in one round has nothing to do with where it might land in the next one. Plus, when we add the zero to the equation, things are even more complicated. To go a step further, in Live American Roulette, there’s a 38th slot aka the double-zero (00). In roulette, the more pockets the wheel has, the higher the house advantage. Nonetheless, it is possible to maintain a decent bankroll when playing real money roulette live.

The best Live Roulette tip is to stick to a positive betting system, which rewards you for your wins and keeps it neutral when you lose.

Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat is arguably the most infamous casino game ever. Due to the lowest house edge, it’s extremely popular with Southeast Asian players. However, baccarat is extremely volatile, meaning it can change in any given round. Live Baccarat is played by placing your bet on either the Banker or Player. Additionally, there’s a side bet called the Tie, which has significantly higher payouts but also smaller odds of winning. In some Live Baccarat variants, there are also pair bets with even bigger payouts. However, all that goes to nothing when one considers how unpredictable Live Baccarat is. Nonetheless, millions of players claim Live Baccarat is the most exciting live dealer game in the world. Henceforth, most live casinos feature this card game in their live lobby.

Live SicBo

While card games certainly enjoy massive popularity in online gambling venues, dice games are rising stars. Specifically, one of them – Live Sic Bo – has risen to popularity in the past couple of years. Some of the world’s leading live casino developers started to produce Live Sic Bo variations. The basic three-dice live casino game lets punters guess the outcome of each roll. Players can bet on the total or the combo of any two dice. In Live Sic Bo, there are many side bets to choose from.

Additionally, this is quite a dynamic casino game with snappy rounds and little time to decide. So, if you seek adrenaline in a casino, you certainly want to give Live Sicbo a try.

Live Dragon Tiger

Many will agree that Live Baccarat is thrilling to play in casinos. But what if we told you that the card game has a few even more exciting variants? One popular baccarat variation is Live Dragon Tiger. Essentially, the Dragon Tiger and Baccarat are almost identical. The main difference involves the names of the two main bets. In Live Dragon Tiger, you bet on either of the animals. Then, the dealer draws the cards from the shoe, revealing their values. The hand with a score closer to 9 wins. If you placed your bet on the said hand, you win. Also, the payouts are typically the same as in baccarat.

Generally, it all comes to down to the aesthetical aspect of the game. If you prefer a more Asian feel to your gambling, choose Live Dragon Tiger over Live Baccarat.

Live Fantan

Last but not least, let’s talk about Live Fantan for a moment. Live Fantan is one of the most popular live dealer games in Asia. Originally from China, Fantan is arguably the easiest casino game to play. The Fantan rules are ridiculously simple and a round of Fantan lasts around 30 seconds. In turn, it’s a relatively slow-paced game of nerves. Most action at a Live fantan table is taken by the dealer who uses a stick to align the buttons on the betting area. When the bets are placed, the croupier shakes the buttons to ensure randomness. After that, he or she takes a metal bowl and captures a bunch of buttons in it. After that comes the revelation. The dealer takes the bamboo stick to count bunches of four buttons. The objective of Live Fantan is to guess how many buttons remain in the last batch.

Popular Live Dealer Software Providers

Now that you know so much about the best live casino games, it’s the turn to discuss their creators.

While most online casino suppliers prefer slots, a selected few focuses only or primarily on live dealers. Creating live dealer software requires teams of seasoned experts with an eye for detail. Also, manufacturers need to be aware of the latest technologies. A lot of thought goes into making the top live games. From hiring the right croupiers to obtaining the perfect equipment – it’s a long road to take. However, some iGaming companies stand out in the crowd.

The biggest live dealer game developers are:

  • Evolution
  • Ezugi
  • VIVO Gaming
  • SA Gaming
  • Asia Gaming
  • Authentic Gaming
  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming

The casino studios from which games are streamed are located all over the world. In our next paragraph, we take a look at all the casino studio locations worldwide.

Live Dealer Studio Locations

Live studios owned by leading live casino content developers are situated around the globe. Depending on the condition of the venue and its capabilities, companies will choose the most suitable location. However, developers usually have studios in multiple countries due to different casino game types. For example, Ezugi has its main studio in Romania, from which they broadcast 9 blackjack tables, Speed Roulette, Casino Hold'em, and more. Nonetheless, the company owns a separate Asian studio in Romania, as well as a Latin American and a Baltic studio.

A similar scheme can be found in all live dealer suppliers. Casino studios can be found across all continents. To exemplify, Microgaming streams live from North America, as well as from Europe. Next, there are luxurious studios in Malta, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, and the UK. The information regarding the studio location can be found on the provider’s website or in live dealer game reviews on If you care about where your live broadcast comes from, make sure to read our casino game reviews before you play for real money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a live casino work?

In live casinos, the player logs in and loads the live casino page. By selecting a game, the user is designated a room. Then, through live broadcast, a real dealer appears behind a table located in a professional casino studio. Often, other tables can be seen in the background, providing additional authenticity to live gaming.

2. What is an online live casino?

Live casinos represent the best of brick-and-mortar and online casinos. Realistic gaming is as close as one gets to in-person gambling yet from the comfort of your home.

3. Are live casinos really live?

Live casinos happen in real-time via realtime streaming services. In other words, the croupier is dealing cards as you’re watching the video. Live dealer venues work the same way as offline casinos, except you don’t have to be physically at the premises.

4. Do live casinos online actually pay out?

Yes, live casinos with licenses pay out regularly and fairly. To dodge scams and rogue websites, play at reputable live casinos recommended at

5. Can you win big on online casinos?

Online casinos offer the same chances of winning as offline establishments. Generally speaking, the odds and payouts are exactly the same. So, it’s a matter of personal preference where you play.

6. What are the best live dealer games?

The most popular live casinos games include blackjack and baccarat (due to the low house edge), as well as roulette for its excitement and anticipation.